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it takes a lot of acceptance and kindness to date a cis person.

trans people w cis partners are so strong and open-minded.


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i love watching my innocent friends slowly transform into beautiful horny butterflies as we get older

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if you know my birth name:

  • do not fucking call me by it
  • do not fucking mention it
  • do not fucking think about it
  • just fucking dont
  • dont do it
  • my name is the name i say i go by
  • fucking respect that
  • im not asking for you to rip your arm off and give it to me 

Does the book/show have queer people?

Get out of my face.

Just one, but as an afterthought?
Stop breathing, please.

Only one?
You disgust me.

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nice characters are good and important and strong

nice characters are not in any way inherently less interesting or complex or cool or badass than asshole characters

nice characters who go through hell and still remain good and kind and compassionate are so so strong

nice characters are not weak or boring or less badass, nice characters are awesome.

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man thinking about that post like

social justice warriors are sometimes the leeroy jenkins, they rush right in usually without buffs, without enough equipment, and probably in misguided and counterproductive ways but their hearts are usually in the…

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tumblr friendships are hard to maintain like im sorry i know i havent talked to you in 5 months but you’re still super rad and i still consider us friends im just dumb

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I’d care if the person I reblogged this from committed suicide.
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english speakers are so arrogant lmao they go to other countries expecting everyone to speak perfect english or they mock and ridicule them and then when foreigners go to their country and speak even the slightest bit of broken english they mock them and throw racist “if you’re gonna come to our country learn our language or go back to where you came from” remarks around like honestly 

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art class always has weeaboos
and if there are no weeaboos in your class, you are the weeaboo

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